Germany Roll On

I have no idea what it’s going to take. Germany keep winning, as practically everyone expects, but I’m still not sold. Another clean sheet, but I’m still not buying it. Sweden looked more inept offensively (and defensively), particularly Henrik Larsson, than I expected, but is it them or Germany? I still don’t believe Germany has anything in the back. Maybe I just don’t want to see.

It turned out to be an easy 2-0 win for the Fatherland after the two goals in about 10 minutes by Lukas Podolski.

An inexplicable red card, putting Sweden a man down didn’t help. Larsson missing a penalty didn’t help. Sweden not bothering to mark anyone didn’t help. It might have helped a bit if Ibrahimovic, Ljungberg, Mellberg–or anyone but the keeper would have bothered to get off the bus today.

Germany was the better team all day and deserved the win. There’s no doubting what they can do offensively. Can they stop Argentina? I haven’t thought they’d be able to stop a single team yet, but they keep managing.