Gracias: Mexico and Argentina

The knock-out stage is off to a flying start now, after Argentina nipped a very game Mexico, 2-1 in extra time.

When Mexico scored first just six minutes in, you had a feeling this was going to be a good one. When Argentina answered just four minutes later, it was game on. Despite several chances on both sides, the defenses held and it took an amazing strike by Maxi Rodriguez in extra time to decide it.

That’s the thing about Argentina. They have dangerous players all over the pitch. So many, they can’t get them all on it at the same time.

Mexico surprised me. It was the best I’ve seen them play. Argentina wasn’t caught looking past them, they played well themselves. It was just a great match all-around. A fine demonstration why this is the greatest sporting event on the planet.

I’m sure Germany would have preferred Mexico to pull it out, but they have to be pleased Argentina was taken to the limit. It’ll be easier to slow that offense down if they’re still dragging a bit from this match. Argentina has a deep squad, though. I expect they’ll be ready to go in the quarters.

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