Bring on Round 2

There are still a couple matches to be played today, but I’m ready for the real games to begin. The first two matches today were snoozefests. I can barely remember who played. France is yet to go, with a fair chance of being eliminated. That always brightens the day.

But, bring on Round 2. The weekend is shaping up to be a good one.

We finally get to see if Germany has really found the answer in defense or it’s all been smoke and mirrors. Sweden has enough firepower to properly test them. That could be a shoot-out.

I’m personally always pleased when Mexico gets knocked-out, and Argentina will do that for me tomorrow. I’m not sure why I hate the Mexican football team so much. I like the country well enough. The food, the migrant workers, I think I even like the tequila if I remember right–but the memory is hazy on that. But, I do not like the football team. Adios muchachos.

On Sunday, the Owen-less England are given another match to get their offense going. I’m not sure where they’re going to find it, but they need to find a goal against Ecuador. Might be time for Rooney to get going. Hopefully, Ecuador’s witchdoctor has gone home by now. England has seen more than enough doctors lately.

Then Portugal/Holland. The news there is one of these underachievers is actually going to advance. Both are playing well enough, and this could be a cracker. Both also tend to do more fighting/bickering/finger-pointing among thesmselves than is necessary. I like both teams here, so I’m happy either way. Just entertain me.

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