Brazil only Need a Half, Oz Needed a Miracle

Was there ever any doubt? After sleepwalking for a half, Brazil managed to rouse itself to bury a vastly overmatched Japan side 4-1. Even Big Ron himself managed to get two while he continues to play himself into shape.

But, the match of the day–the match of the tournament, so far–was Australia with their miracle last minute goal against Croatia. Harry Kewell is one of my least favorite players on the planet, so I wasn’t thrilled. But, they go through with that 2-2 draw.

There were several lessons to be learned by the likes of the US and even England in these matches. Brazil shot 21 times. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score. Granted, not everybody gets to play Japan. But you have to create shots and take them when they’re there. Otherwise, you end up waiting on some last gasp header with 5 minutes to play.

Australia needed the tie. They played as if their very lives depended on it. They threw everything they had at Croatia, playing with 4 forwards late. The US finished their match as if they were already packing.

Well Done Oz.

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