Soccer Betting 101


There are a lot of opportunities for people who enjoy casual betting and gambling nowadays. Online casinos and sportsbooks can be accessed from almost any device, including smartphones and tablets. And if you need help finding licensed sites, this website will be of great use as it offers great reviews of the best casinos in the English speaking world.

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Predicting soccer results

This could be interesting. A Polish startup has an engine that can predict the outcome of the match with over 90% accuracy for certain matches.

Massive match-fixing scandal hit soccer

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This latest news about rigged matches around the world, all being funded by an Asian mobster trying to influence massive bets, is threatening the very core of worldwide soccer. And it’s not an isolated case. Then add in the massive corruption at FIFA itself and you have a real problem. It’s a clear example of how sports betting fuels this corruption and raises the question of whether legalizing it can help or worsen the problem of corruption.