Spain Out Again

I had a feeling at the start of this match that France was going to win this thing. Spain shows flashes at times of how brilliant they should be. But, in the end, they always duck out earlier than they should–and things are starting to get late in the World Cup. It was time for them to make their exit. France obliged with a couple late goals to send them packing 3-1.

I always start thinking that things are going to be different this time, but they almost never are. Brazil will probably win the Cup. England will lose somewhere on penalties. The sun will come up tomorrow. Spain will get knocked out earlier than expected by losing a match they should have won.

France has its own funk to deal with, but for now, they live to fight another day. It should still be interesting against Brazil. Both teams may actually show up ready to play. I’m looking for Brazil to put on the first real demonstration of what they are actually capable of, though. Losing to Brazil in the quarters is no great shame, and France seem more intent to avoid another shameful tournament rather than actually thinking they can win it.

Brazil, on the other hand, act like they already have won it and are just playing some exhibition matches for the fans. It’s about time for them to show up. I thought Spain would have a chance to upset them, but I don’t think France has it in them. Brazil will Beat France then Portugal (or England on penalties), then Italy.

It’s starting to look as inevitable as the sun rising.

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