Germany Clicking

I personally still feel like I was playing the Italians the other night–alone, but I’m slowly getting the bearings back.

Germany still has theirs, obviously, thrashing the overmatched Ecuadoreans 3-0. The match was never in doubt, since they made up the schedules.

For now, the Germans seem to have patched up their leaky defense. We’ll have to see if it continues to hold against stronger competition.

In the battle of also rans, Poland managed to rescue just a smidgen of pride by beating Costa Rica 2-1. Anyone bother to watch it?

If I was a neutral, I suppose I’d be hoping England finish second in their group later today. That would set them up against Germany in the next round in what would be sure to be a great match. But, I’m not. I’d rather England advance easily, than entertainingly for now, thanks very much. I’ll rely on the US for the epic battles.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to catch the England/Sweden match live today. Life’s not fair sometimes. At least there’s Tivo.