It’s Here We Go Again For France

Why do I keep doing it? I should know better by now. Every international competition, I look at teams like Spain, Holland, Portugal, and especially France, and say they are just too talented not to succeed. Surely, they’ll come to play this time. Then they all completely fold every time.

France seems very much at it again. Despite oodles of offense and class all over the pitch, all that firepower once again fizzled out for a 0-0 loss, I mean draw, against Switzerland.

The match started out with a good pace and looked like it was going to be entertaining, but by the end the French looked completely frustrated and dumbfounded. Very familiar.

The Swiss may be happy with this draw, but they should have beaten France here–everyone else does. They had three golden, practically ‘can’t miss’ opportunities, but none of them found the net. The usually erratic (to be kind) Fabian Barthez, managed to avoid any moments of lunacy for once, to give France a share of the points.

None of the stars look to be the same players that regularly light it up for teams like Real, Arsenal, ManU, etc. They put on that French kit and look extremely average. The team may well stand around waiting for the likes of Zidane and Henry to do something. Those are two of the best players in the world, they should be doing something.

Sickening. When does Brazil play?