England Coast

It might have been a bit boring, but England easily did enough to take control of things in Group B, in a near perfect display of Italian football–find a way to score once, then hunker down. Except Italy rarely ever manages it. Any meager threat Paraguay tried to mount was quickly handled by England’s defense. At this point, it would be hard to say if that was down to England or just Paraguay’s complete lack of firepower. After the quick own goal, Paraguay seemed almost as content as England to keep things at 1-0.

England looked more workman-like than spectacular, but they didn’t need brilliance today. Owen was nonexistant. Beckham was only useful on set plays. Crouch did his usual share of flailing about. But, the midfield was very solid and the defense was never really tested.

A nice, easy opening round win which should set England on their way, as long as they don’t expect all the matches to be so easy. They’ll probably actually have to score if they’re going to win any more.

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