Two Days in and What Have We Learned?

After what has been an entertaining two days for the most part, several things are shaping up already.

Germany despite gaping holes in its defense as noted by Philip Cornwall on Worldcup365, easily have enough offense to take Group A and slip through to at least the quarterfinals. The rest of the Group are completely uninspiring.

Equally, England are very much in charge of things in Group B. They didn’t play beautiful football, but did what they needed to win. The only thing keeping them from the quarters would be themselves. No team looks capable of stopping them to that point even without the security blanket, Wayne Rooney. Go and enjoy the frauleins, son–you’re not needed yet.

Trinidad and Tobago have already made their tournament with the improbable and amazing draw against Sweden. They’ll be even happier to be there now than they were–and probably won’t earn another point.

The ‘Group of Death’ if that’s what you consider Group C to be, doesn’t seem quite as frightening now. Granted only one match has been played, but Ivory Coast is a one man band and will struggle here. Argentina has been flying under the radar for the most part up until now, but they look very strong.

The referees, on the other hand, aren’t looking strong at all. Offsides seems to be correctly called once in awhile. Not a single dive is noticed. Some questionable handballs have been let go. Argentina looked to have scored on a bobbled save but was denied. The ref in the England match may as well of suited up for Paraguay. I could go on and 0n. But, isn’t that always the way? These guys are supposed to be the best in the world, but I don’t see a single Collina among them. Still, as long as your team wins, they do just well enough. To be fair, they certainly haven’t done anything that would have changed any of the outcomes. Yet.