Disappointing Poland rocked by Ecuador

Poland looked absolutely atrocious losing 2-0 to ‘just happy to be here’ Ecuador. Group A essentially belongs to Germany now, as if there was ever a doubt. Unfortunutely, one of these other three teams are going to move to the next round. Despite losing today, I think it’ll be Costa Rica.

England hasn’t kicked a ball yet and things are already looking up for them. All they need to do is win their easy-ish group and they’ll walk any of these three teams in the next round. Rooney won’t even be needed.

Poland was practically playing a home game, and still was barely in the match. I’d been told by someone pretending to know that they were bad, but… I thought they looked okay losing 1-0 to the US a few months ago. Maybe everyone looks okay against the US.

Today was a nice warm-up to whet the appetites. The next few days should be more interesting. England generally take awhile to get things going, but they can’t afford a slip against Paraguay. I like that Mexico/Iran match Sunday. Monday, both matches are great. The US must get a point from the Czechs or they’re on their way home, and Italy/Ghana should tell us what the Italians are going to do.