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Racism persists in soccer

Here’s a sad article that addresses many topics regarding Italian society, including the problem of racist taunts aimed at Mario Balotelli.

Seattle rocks as Team USA defeats Panama

Soccer is booming in towns like Seattle, and Seattle was rockin’ the other night when Team USA defeated Panama to basically ensure a trip to the 2014 World Cup. This article captures the frenzy that existed in Seattle for the game.

USA defeats Germany

It may have been just a friendly, but this was a nice win.

Yes, it was only a friendly, and yes, this was Germany’s B or C team, and yes, the U.S. nearly bungled a 4-1 lead, but you can’t deny that beating Germany anytime, anywhere is something you have every right to feel good about. On a day when U.S. Soccer was celebrating its 100th anniversary, Jurgen Klinsmann’s team had one of the more impressive performances of his tenure, not just beating Germany but displaying some of the entertaining, dangerous playing style that Klinsmann promised when he took over in 2011. Clint Dempsey (two gorgeous goals) and Jozy Altidore (a terrific opening strike) played with the verve they have shown over the last two seasons in European club soccer, and a U.S. team that was bulldozed 4-2 by Belgium on Wednesday will now carry some much-needed confidence into three upcoming World Cup qualifiers. If the Americans can attack this way and play better defense on Friday in Jamaica, they’ll take three points and avenge Klinsmann’s worst loss, a 2-1 qualifying defeat last September.

Any bit of good news is good, so we’ll take it.

David Beckham calls it quits

David Beckham is truly one of the greats, and he’s also a very classy dude. The game of football will miss him.

10 great goals from Serie A

Here’s a week’s worth of great goals from Serie A.