Sickening but Expected

England lose once again on penalties, this time to the diving Portugal 0-0 (3-1). I was thinking about a holiday there soon, I hope the women go down as easily as their footballers.

England have no gas pedal to step on. They were pathetic the entire cup. No offense whatsoever. You keep waiting for them to show up, but there’s nothing there. Good riddence Sven, take McClaren with you, please.

The ref actually did a decent job in the match. Rooney, being Rooney once again, was sent off as he should have been. There were dives, typical anytime Portugal is playing, but it didn’t get out of hand.

England looked orders of multitude better after Lennon came on for a nothing Beckham. They looked on the verge of being able to put something together, but it never materialized. Picking Crouch for the team was comical. Either Darren or Marcus Bent would have been a massive improvement to the side. Either would have given England a chance in this game. Defoe? Anyone, someone that can possibly produce some offense? Rather than continuously chipping flyers at Frankenstein and hoping for a bounce.

I think I’d feel better with a 10 yr old girls team taking penalties than the England team. They have to be the worst in the universe at it. No confidence at all. They never had a chance once it came down to that. You might think the law of averages would eventually swing their way–but the law of ‘rubbish at penalty kicks’ supercedes that one. Lampard, Gerrard, Carragher (put in just to take the kick)–all money players who choked.

Ta England. Now, where’s my Ipswich fixture list?

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