I’m on the Argentina Bandwagon

After completely destroying a supposedly decent Serbia Montenegro 6-0, Argentina are the best team in the world.

At this minute.

They are playing perfect football right now. Not a weakness to be found. The bench is stocked with loads more talent that we finally got a glimpse of today. Messi and Tavez are stars, forget about starters, on every other team in the world.

You can say they haven’t been tested yet, but neither have any of the other ‘name’ teams. While the rest of them are floundering around and scraping through with 1-0’s, Argentina have been putting on shows.

Stretching to find anything negative to say about Argentina, you could argue that they are peaking too soon. Okay. But I wouldn’t want to play this team.

No one would beat them tomorrow. Whether that’s still true on July 9th, we’ll have to see.

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